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Terms and Conditions (AGBs)

Processing time, delivery time, duration

We always try to process the orders within 24 hours of receipt. Seasonal this may change.

Our regular processing time from order intake to shipping is 48 hours, for serial products from our warehouse. Delivery times of up to 7 days will not be announced by us in writing. If partial deliveries are desired within this period, additional costs may apply.

Delivery time refers to the period up to shipment from our doorstep. After that, the runtime begins, which we cannot influence. For packages up to 40 kg, this is 1-3 working days within Germany. Orders shipped by forwarding agent are estimated to have a term of 3-5 business days.

24 h Express delivery is not available.

Returns (Repair & Exchange)

In principle, the consumer, in case of revocation, pays for shipping costs of the return. Larger packages are picked up by our partners, as they are familiar with the products and its handling.

The consignor (usually the consumer) is responsible for transport damage due to improper packaging. The returned material must be clean and in the original packaging in case of revocation / exchange.

In the case of repairs, clamping material, ropes etc. must be removed before shipment.


Externally recognizable damage (possibly transport damage)

Upon receipt of the goods, the integrity of the packaging and completeness of the coli/packages must be checked without undue delay. In the event of suspected transport damage, this must be documented immediately by foto and it is mandatory to inform the carrier immediately and to record the transport damage together with him. A subsequent registration after the carrier has left the consignee is not possible. See also Section 438 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

Hidden damage (by transport)

The goods must be checked for hidden damage within 7 days of receipt and reported in writing. See also Section 438 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

Production damage / incompleteness

We check our goods carefully. In rare cases, however, a defect is not visible or verifiable before shipment. In the processing of textile products, deviations within certain tolerances are permitted. An incomplete seam, number of pieces or the undoubted absence of components can give cause for complaint. Please send your request to us within 30 days in writing and, if necessary, photographically. For example, by e-mail.

Fire in the tent

Fire protection class B3

Our cotton tents are predominantly solely equipped with water repellent and fungicidal. This means that they fall into the fire protection class „B3“ easily flammable according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501-1. As a manufacturer, we advise for reasons of liabilty strictly against , fire insertion, open or closed, in one of our tents.

In the Wiki of the Jurtenland, a dedicated website that does not belong to Tortuga Gmbh, there is a more detailed description on the subject of fire protection in a tent.




All our measure data for tent skins are to be understood as „approximate“ information. Especially products such as cotton, i.e. from a natural raw material, can work. On the one hand, manual processing, as well as humidity and temperature influence.


Small fluctuations in the grammage, the square meter weight, are in the nature of the production. This means that, for example, identical tent skins can vary in weight. This mainly concerns cotton and mixed cotton fabrics.


Packaging registers

We are connected to a dual recycling system. Our registration in the packaging register is:


Uniform conditions of the German textile industry from 01.01.2020

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