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Kohtes and Yurts are normade tents, which actually differ in design and origin. Our system combines both traditions and therefore offers even more possibilities.


The Kohtes comes from Lapland and its origin is probably to be found in the normade culture of the northern Indians. The steep sidewall inclination as well as the size indicate the use as accommodation for small groups and families. The original tent material was probably leather or even fur.

The yurt, on the other hand, is the tent of the Normades of Central and North Asia. Their large honeycomb-like form makes it possible, in accordance with the Turkmen-Kyrgyz tradition, to live more in clan associations than in family units. The original material of the yurts is felt.

Kohtes have been produced in Germany since the first half of the 20th century, However the serial production began, in the style used for youth groups and still known to this day, started in 1952 in Constance at Lake Constance.

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