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The Tortuga

The Tortuga Turtle

Like the turtle’s armor is the natural dwelling, so are our tents the most natural dwelling of men.


When it became clear at the beginning of 2001 that one of the last traditional tent construction companies at Lake Constance would close its doors, some of the employees decided to take advantage of the opportunity and start their own business. With decades of experience in the tent industry and the growing connections with suppliers and customers, it was foreseeable that the restart would succeed. The company TORTUGA GMBH, based in the Reichenau forest settlement, was founded and started work on 1 September 2001.

The core business of the company is the production and development of Kohtes and Yurts, as well as white tents for youth groups and aid organizations.

In 2018, the owners Peter Huber and Waldemar Weidele handed over the company to Stefan Reuss, so that the tradition continues to have a secure future.

The original

Our items usually all have a trademark sign. The white tents are labeled with PVC signs and the black tents with our woven labels. Our logo is always on the tafetta signs. The aluminium four-hole buttons, which we use, are manufactured in Germany and have no sharp edges. Our eyelets are also manufactured in Germany.

If you are not sure, if it is an original Tortuga product, please contactus .


The Tortuga brand has been registered since 28.08.2011. The trade mark number is: 009925298.
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